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As one of Australia’s leading private healthcare facilities, over 500 specialist consultants are accredited to admit patients to the Mater Hospital. Our site contains a number of resources to make the process of booking in or transferring a patient to the Mater Hospital as easy as possible.

NEW Acute Admission Service for GPs

Does your patient need urgent review?  Call 1800 1 MATER

  • chest pain
  • dyspnoea or heart failure
  • arrhythmia
  • uncontrolled hypertension
  • syncope

Privately insured patients can now avoid a lengthy wait in emergency and be admitted by their GP to our Critical Care Unit (available 24/7).

  1. GPs call 1800 1 MATER (1800 162 837) to speak to the Critical Care Manager.
  2. If required, GP can speak to the on-call cardiologist
  3. GP decides whether the patient requires ambulance (131 233) or private transfer
  4. Patient admitted to ICU under the on-call Cardiologist
  5. ICU team assesses the patient and contacts Cardiologist
  6. Patient reviewed by on-call Cardiologist

Exclusions:  Acute neurological events, Mental Health & Paediatrics